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Certified property valuers

All Valuers within the Australian Valuers office are members of the Australian Property Institute and are registered with the Queensland Valuers Registration Board. Quality control systems are the backbone of this company resulting in high quality and reliable reporting.

All our professional staff specialise in their valuation field of choice, which enables us to provide each individual client with accurate advice no matter the asset class.

We maintain an ongoing training program to ensure our business develops with the times and embraces all manner of technology, specifically those which will improve service levels to our clients.

Geographical coverage

Australian Valuers provide a wide range of valuation services and independent consultancy advice. With some specialist work; including Management Rights, Motels and ‘Fair Value’, we cover much of Australia and some parts of the Pacific Region.

We service QLD, NSW, VIC, SA, WA, TAS and ACT – to find your closest office please click here.

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