Professional & customised advice

As our business has developed over the years, we are increasingly engaged to provide consultancy advice outside of standard valuation reporting.

We understand that a valuation report does not always provide a client with a solution. We have therefore tailored our property knowledge and reporting methods to best fit with the client’s requirements.

The services are designed to:

Save our client money and time;

Our clients can keep focused on their specialty;

We can provide the specialist advice on behalf of our client;

We are not emotionally tied in;

We have the information to back up our viewpoint.

Buyer assist

Given our valuers are constantly researching and valuing property on a daily basis, we believe we’re in a strong position to really help a potential purchaser make an informed, intelligent decision when buying due to our extensive market knowledge and our understanding of value and investment.

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  • Market Knowledge – We have 20 years’ experience in providing valuation advice;
  • Understanding value – We are qualified independent valuers;
  • Sourcing properties – From our valuation background we already have contacts within the real estate and development industries;
  • Understanding investment – We have built up our own portfolio’s and understand the various strategies investors target

To confidently assist the buyer, we provide the following:

  1. Identify buyer strategy;
  2. Research opportunities within a given area(s) and collate documentation including a full investor profile, costings and income benefits;
  1. Short list specific properties within a comparative report;
  2. Full valuation of the chosen asset;
  3. Due diligence;
  4. Negotiation including auction bidding (if required);
  5. Sale contract presentation;
  6. Assist with finance process including required consultants (in connection with 5.);
  7. Assist with settlement (if required);
  8. Provide Tax Depreciation Schedule;
  9. Assist with Property Management selection;

Buyer assist benefits:

  • Independent & objective property advice and analysis;
  • Property research and acquisition on your behalf;
  • Negotiation experience to achieve the best possible price;
  • Auction bidding strategies;
  • Single point of contact for the entire purchase process;
  • Opinion on fair market value;
  • Anonymity and privacy during purchase process;
  • Access to off-market/ unlisted properties via industry contacts;
  • Save time and save money;
  • Disciplined, emotionless approach to buying property;
  • We are experts in identifying over-priced property and know all the warning signs.

Additional costs outside finance costs may include;

  • Conveyancing;
  • Building and pest inspection;
  • Insurance;
  • Utilities connection fees;
  • Council inspections;
  • Body corporate fees and council rates;
  • Stamp duty.

Rent reviews

A rent review and or market assessment can be done on all manner of residential, commercial, industrial and retail property. These are market based exercises where the Valuer obtains the most recent, reliable and relevant market evidence upon which to base his judgment.

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Our services include:

  • Market review advice to either tenants or landlords;
  • Advice to commence a lease;
  • Lease/review negotiation;
  • Full package (including formal review, negotiation, liaison with agents & lawyers, management & delivering of lease agreements)

Some of the more important factors included within a rent assessment are:

  • Specific accommodation factors pertaining to the subject property;
  • Existing and or historical leases are considered for relevance and reliability;
  • Comparing similar uses to that of the subject (eg. banks with banks or newsagents with newsagents)
  • Market forces at work at the time/date of assessment;
  • Vacancy factors within that market sector;
  • A well-researched assessment provides our client with a reliable and objective answer.

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