Helpful Checklist For Lawyers


At a recent Barristers and Lawyers conference held in Brisbane I was invited as a speaker to advise on how to instruct Valuers on property matters.

Below is a Check List put together and provided to them.



Written instructions to the Valuer:



1. State the purpose/requirement of the valuation.
2. Titling and Registered Plans should be provided, so as estimations or Google or Internet Plan readings are limited.
3. Good and detailed information up front, results in shorter timeframes and better prepared reports.
4. Provide details of the instructing Party or Parties.
5. If the report is to be addressed to a third party, that party needs to be stated.
6. The basis of valuation ie Current or Retrospective Market Value.
7. The interest to be valued i.e. the freehold/leasehold; the Lessee’s or Lessor’s interest; fractional freehold or a partial interest.
8. The nature of the property, Owner Occupied or subject to tenancy.  A copy of the Lease Agreement(s), if commercial, should be supplied.
9. The date of valuation will be the date of inspection unless otherwise requested.


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