Home Valuation – Are you selling your home?

property valuation

Are you looking to sell your home?

An accurate and reliable home valuation is crucial to ensure you receive adequate compensation for your property. It is no news to anyone that the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the housing market. But how has it impacted the value of your home? And how is it expected to change? 

An experienced, certified valuer such as ours stays up to date with all property market trends to ensure that each home valuation is done accurately. All our valuers are members of the Australian Property Institute and are registered with the Queensland Valuers Registration Board. Our valuers have a great reputation of providing services with care and respect towards all parties, as well as fast reporting turnarounds. As independent valuers we can ensure that our reports are reliable and unbiased. Additionally, we maintain an ongoing training program to ensure our business develops with the times and embraces all manner of technology, specifically those which will improve service delivery to our clients. You can trust in our service!


Why Australian Valuers?

We will ensure that you receive the most accurate information about your home as well as the right advice to make your next move. Australian Valuers understand that some homes hold financial and emotional value to our customers which is why our team works hard to provide a friendly and supportive service that makes our customers feel confident and well-informed. Additionally, 

  • Our team is committed to offering great value for money and delivering superior KPIs compared to our competitors. 
  • We offer fast turnarounds on reporting and booking.
  • We have a qualified, certified, and experienced team.
  • We take great care to make sure our customers receive a positive experience.
  • We value our customers higher than anything! 


We are excited to assist you with your home valuation.

Read more about our residential valuation services, or contact our friendly team today! 


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