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Which Property Valuation do our Property Valuers Provide?

If you are planning to buy, sell, or renovate your property, a property valuation will assist you in making an educated decision. Being an informed buyer, seller or investor, you can make better financial decisions with the correct information.

Our property valuers provide quality property advice that meets your needs. Australian Valuers utilises the most credible market property data and research to offer up to date and accurate information that will assist with your property research and valuation. Depending on the service required, our property valuers around Australia may also attend your property to provide an accurate assessment of the property.

We provide the following valuation report:

  • Desktop Valuation Report

A Desktop Valuation is prepared by a Registered Property Valuer who has sound knowledge of the local market. Our valuer accesses both current and/or historic property data and combines this with their own experience to provide the desktop valuation report.

  • Kerbside Valuation

Our property valuer carries out an external inspection of your property from kerbside view only and later accesses contemporary and/or historic property data. Combined, they present their expertise to provide the Kerbside Valuation Report.

  • Full Internal Valuations

Australian Valuers full internal property valuation includes a full internal and external inspection of your property that is carried out by our Registered Property Valuer. Our firm conducts this valuation for all property types, including residential, management rights and commercial properties, for a wide range of purposes. 

Professional and reliable property valuers

To speak to one of our professional property valuers and to obtain a quote, contact us on 1800 664 094. If you require a valuation in a short time frame we will try to accommodate your needs and schedule a property valuer to perform your valuation as soon as possible.

Property Valuations – Residential, Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Rural and Management Rights

Australian Valuers have a number of qualified property valuers who live around the country and specialise in their own local markets. We offer independent valuation advice to financial institutions, government departments, superannuation funds, investors, accountants, lawyers, national/multi-national companies and private individuals for a wide range of purposes.

Our property valuers cover a wide range of property types including residential, rural, commercial, retail, industrial, management rights, motels, project development, specialist properties & various going concerns.


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For an independent property valuation from our professional property valuers or for initial advice, call Australian Valuers on 07 5446 3431, or email at

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