Quote Request

Thank you for your interest in Australian Valuers. Please complete the form below and we will contact you promptly with a customised quote.

Quoting Process FAQs:

  1. Please complete the Quote Request form provided;
  2. We will contact you by phone to discuss your requirements further;
  3. We will provide a written quote and estimated turn-around time;
  4. If satisfied, you will respond in agreement;
  5. We will register the job and you will receive the following emails:
    • Confirmation the job has been registered with a file reference;
    • Inspection confirmation of date & time;
    • Copy of the invoice for payment (we require payment prior to releasing your report for all private work).
  1. Valuer to arrive on time, introduce themselves and provide a business card for identification;
  2. Valuer to commence gathering relevant property information, which will include:
    • Viewing floor plans (if available);
    • Asking some questions relating to the property;
    • Walking into each room and gathering notes on the internal fittings & fixtures;
    • Taking a couple of internal photo’s for the report;
    • Externally measuring the dwelling and all ancillary structures;
    • Gathering notes on the ancillary improvements;
    • Taking further external photos of the dwelling, ancillary improvements& views (if applicable)
    • May have some further questions before leaving the property.
  1. The Valuer will research comparable sales evidence before inspecting the property;
  2. Upon completion of the inspection, the Valuer will externally inspect each comparable sale from the kerbside and take notes;
  3. Local agents may be contacted to clarify property details (when required);
  4. The Valuer will then complete their ‘Shield Analysis’, whereby all the sales are analysed and directly compared to the subject property. This analysis produces a value range for the subject, which will form the basis of our adopted valuation figure.
  1. Once the values are inputted the report is finalised and thoroughly reviewed;
  2. For all private work, we will then call the client to discuss our figures;
  3. The report is then provided as a soft copy; together with a tax receipt.