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Property Valuation Brisbane – What Is Your Property Worth?

When in a trend of economic turmoil there is no more important time then now for a professional property valuation Brisbane. Regardless of your position; home owners, investors and developers alike have the right to a professional valuation service. The following blog post will share some insider tips to knowing what will boost your Brisbane property’s value.


Property Valuation Exterior Factors

With so many factors that make up professional property valuation, it is worth noting some simple things to look out for when visiting a property.

  1. Land accessibility plays a major role in the value of a property, with ease of access also covering the road condition and access routes to the property.
  2. Environmental limitations can affect the future development of land such as properties near bodies of water or within designated environmental zones.
  3. Natural event prone areas that are at higher risk of flooding, landslides, bushfires, or erosion will always have a lower property value with the potential risks associated with these areas.
  4. Property positioning, terrain, views and shape all will impact the desirability and therefore value of a property especially in the Brisbane area.


Property Valuation Usage Constraints

There are areas all around the country that are subject to restrictions, and understanding the type of restrictions that may be applicable to your area will assist in the property valuation process.

  1. Height and development restrictions are amongst the most common in the Brisbane area, and this will be in alignment with town planning schemes.
  2. All throughout Brisbane there are heritage-listed properties that place a major constraint on development opportunities and therefore the property value.
  3. Sewerage, stormwater mains, and inspection caps are also restricting factors in the valuation of a property making this another factor to keep an eye on during an inspection. These can be identified within the property’s title and survey plan.


Professional Property Valuation Brisbane

One of the most effective ways to ensure an accurate property valuation in Brisbane is to leave the work to the experts. The team at Australian Valuers is able to combine advanced valuation techniques with hard-to-beat local knowledge to allow for the most insightful valuation process possible. With the complexities of the residential property market being so broad, our team are masters at tailoring experiences and emitting both reliability and transparency. Contact Australian Valuers to get started on the most accurate and professional property valuation process today.


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