Property Valuation Sunshine Coast

Importance Of Property Valuation Sunshine Coast

Our team of independent property valuation experts at Australian Valuers are working hard to get ahead of the property valuation trends across the Sunshine Coast. We are working around the clock to ensure we can provide you with the latest advice for your property valuation needs.

Property valuation on the Sunshine Coast should be at the forefront of your mind, with the region set to experience strong growth in the upcoming years. As Queensland starts its preparations for the 2032 Olympics, the Sunshine Coast is seeing increased Government spending in infrastructure to meet the upcoming demand across the region. A report by KPMG commissioned by the Queensland Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport found that “quantifiable economic and social benefits are estimated to be up to $8.10 billion for Queensland and $17.61 billion for Australia”. The Olympics will see the tourism industry boom, but how does this impact your property? Accommodation will be needed for all of these visitors to the region, and with the Sunshine Coast expected to host many of the events, you might be sitting on hot property. Property valuation on the Sunshine Coast will be necessary to determine how much your property could be worth in this upcoming boom.

Australian Valuers should be your first stop for property valuations on the Sunshine Coast to ensure that you claim the greatest value on your property heading into 2032. The Sunshine Coast is forecasted to be the fourth-largest growing region in Queensland over the next 20 years, and this isn’t all thanks to the Olympics! The region has seen a rise in domestic migration over the last decade, with many escaping from major cities to enjoy what the Sunshine Coast has to offer. Consequently, we should expect to see an increased demand for property valuation on the Sunshine Coast as many flock to purchase their new coastal retreat. The increased demand for property in the region is certainly being reflected across the ever increasing property prices. With migration rates only set to continue over the next decade, these upward trends are likely set to continue. The 8% 10-year growth rate is expected to see the median house price in the region reach an unbelievable $1.7 million by 2030. For those just settling into their new coastal life now, just imagine how much your property could be worth in 10 years time.

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