What Affects Your Property Valuation Sydney?

As a seller in this ever-changing property market, you want every chance to get your property’s value as high as possible. While there are larger factors that determine this figure such as location, demand and interest rates, there are some smaller factors that can have a big influence on your property.


Your Street’s Reputation

Everyone wants to live in an idyllic neighbourhood, so reputation can be a large factor in your valuation. This includes crime rate, neighbours, and even street names! A study published by the Social Science Research Network in 2021 found that homes with unique street names are sold 1.6 per cent (or $10,835 based on mean property values) higher than those with more common names. 


Schools and Amenities

With a typical family lifestyle, it seems more and more common to see families moving to larger cities like Sydney to accommodate the whole family. With work, daycares, shops and schools all within close range of each other, it eliminates the necessity of a long commute every day for each member which brings up your property valuation Sydney.


Trees and Greenery

While the interior of a home can certainly increase the value of a property, the exterior is also an important factor when it comes to your valuation. Trees lining a yard or even a whole street can significantly boost value in the eyes of real estate agents and buyers alike. A study of three Sydney suburbs by AECOM suggested a 10 percent increase in a street’s tree canopy could increase property values by an average of $50,000.


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